Empowering the Future Through Education

In May of 2018, I visited the village of Awoda in South Sudan. During my stay, I had the opportunity to visit Awoda Primary School—the only school in the village—and what I saw that day, brought tears to my eyes. I walked through eight overcrowded classrooms with an enrollment of 635 students. All of the children were sitting on rocks as chairs. This broke my heart.

 As I met with school administrators and community elders, they
pointed out several major problems affecting the school, including a lack of qualified teachers, school supplies, and school uniforms, as well as inadequate funding to renovate the school. I gave them my promise to help.

 Upon my return to San Diego, I met with the California Sudanese Lost Boys and Girls Foundation board members, and we were able to come up with a plan.
Our foundation took on a massive responsibility known as Helping Children in
Awoda Primary School. Together with AleSmith Brewing Company, which hosted a
fundraiser, and St. Michael’s Catholic Church, we were able to launch our project to benefit Awoda Primary School. With the funds raised, we built one hundred desks for the school’s eight classrooms. As a result, the number of students increased from 635 Students to one thousand.

Our goal is to help the school provide high-quality education to students in Awoda. Your contribution to this project is highly appreciated. Please help us make a difference in these children’s futures. No child should be refused an education, especially when they have a thirst for knowledge and a drive to change their trajectory.

~Daniel Y. Ukang

President of California Sudanese 

Lost Boys and Girls Foundation